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Update (2018-09-05) - Issues uploading part 2

We are not able to replicate the issue on our end. Every time we upload test files it works correctly. Please double check the information you are writing in the text fields before submitting. We're still trying to figure out what exactly causes this. We know the consequence. What happens is that the .zip file is uploaded onto the server but the entry into the database goes haywire, doesn't register and blocks the database from accepting any further entries. We aren't able to track down what causes this.
Update (2018-08-31) - Issues uploading

There seems to be an ongoing issue with the track and truck uploading. We are monitoring the situation as we are not sure what causes the issue just yet. Please continue to try and upload as that is the only way we can be sure the issue has been completely fixed.
Update (2018-07-10) - Uploading has been restored

Issue has been fixed and uploading has been restored. For the future, the only way to have a prompt response about site issues is if users post in the forums.
Update (2018-07-10) - Uploads temporarily disabled

Uploads have been temporarily disabled. There seems to be a technical issue that stops the uploads from completing successfully. It's under investigation and uploads will be turned on as soon as possible.
Update (2018-05-06) - MTM1 style drags are here

Head on over to the forum post and check out the latest beta community patch. MTM1 style drags are brought back to the world of MTM2. There are still issues that need to be figured out but things are on the right path.

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