MTM2 Online
Connecting Instructions

How to connect?
It is most likely that the game won't work online "straight out of the box" but don't fret. The game works. You just need to open your ports (otherwise known as port forwarding) in order to get it up and running.

What are the required settings?
Please note, the following picture is based on our personal router but most of them should have similar interfaces. Simply go to the port forwarding section of your router and input these settings.

 Port Range  Local IP  TCP or UDP
 2300:2400  192.168.1.XXX  BOTH
 443  192.168.1.XXX  TCP
 6073  192.168.1.XXX  TCP
 6667  192.168.1.XXX  TCP
 47624  192.168.1.XXX  TCP

DMZ - Last Case Scenario
If the above fails, then delete any port forwarding entries (or switch port forwarding to OFF if your router allows) and enable/open the DMZ.

That should be all there is to it. Happy online gaming!